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How To Replace A Transmission Valve Body

The Factory_tech valve body is one great mod, it saves your transmissions life and it also gives you that performance kick in the butt you get from manual transmissions. From first gear it response better, but then when it shifts into second the wheels will bark at you, you’ve got to love that sound.

All the way through the gears at Wide Open Throttle, you’ll feel like somebody is kicking you in the butt. Even when down shift it hits a little harder then back into forth it hits you so hard; it’s almost scary. It makes the truck so much more fun to drive. I hope you enjoy it too.

Factory_Tech Valve Body

The Factory_Tech valve body is a very straightforward installation. You will need a wrench, torque wrench (80-100inch lbs, 13-14ft lbs), 8mm socket, 10mm socket, a hole punch (optional), a hammer (optional), drain pan, floor jack, jack stands, Mercon tranny fluid (8+ quarts), not Mercon V, 4x4 tranny pan (optional), and a little patience.

part of valve body

Start off with jacking the truck up from the front of the truck and jack stands. Never get under the truck without jack stands. Removed the negative on the battery. Take the transmission dipstick out for proper draining.

disconnect battery

Position your old fluid catching pan under the tranny pan.

catch pan

Take the punch and the hammer and punch a hole into the old pan, as seen in the picture below.

pan removed

The fluid will drain for a long time, be patient. If the truck is hot this will be a good time to let it cool off.

draining fluid

After all the fluid has drained out of the transmission, take your wrench and the 10mm socket and start removing the bolts. After most of the bolts are off the pan will start to fall on you, hold it up with your free hand. Once all the bolts are out lower the pan into the drain pan, some fluid will get on you so be quick. Now the stock valve body will be exposed.


Take your wrench and remove the two 10mm bolts, then switch sockets to the 8mm and removed the rest. Fluid will pour out of the stock valve body, again be quick about putting it on the drain pan. Get some rags and clean your hands off, so that you won’t slip the bolts.

Now take your new factory_tech valve body and slide it onto the two studs.

valve body

Hand tighten the two 10mm stud bolts on. Then take all the 8mm bolts and hand tighten them down. After you have completed this take your inch lbs torque wrench and tighten all the valve body bolts, going from the outside in, to 80-100inch lbs. Take the new tranny filter spray some wd-40 on the rubber gasket and install it into the only hole it will fit into. Remember to get it all the way in.

valve body reinstall

Now take your tranny pan and reuse the stock gasket. edit: switch over the magnet from the stock pan to the new one. Also its a good idea to clean the magnet.

trans pan ready to reinstall

Hands tighten all of the bolts and then take your torque wrench and tighten to 13-14ft lbs.

tighten bolts

Fill the transmission with Mercon tranny fluid, not Mercon V. Use some sort of funnel so you don’t get fluid all over the place. With the 4x4-tranny pan it will be 8+ quarts.

refill mercon fluid

Replace the dipstick and reconnect the negative battery cable.

reconnect battery

Start the truck and slowly shift through all the gears, do this twice, wait 30 seconds and check the fluid levels, add if needed. Now go out and drive the truck going through all the gears, re-check the fluid levels, and add again if needed. Do not over fill; look at the level check on the dipstick.

You’re Finished!!!

Factory_Tech Valve Body Complete Install And Review by David Wilson. I would like to thank Gregg Evans (Factory_Tech) for the valve body and Sal from Power Surge Performance for the 4x4-tranny pan and filter.

This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models.