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Tailgate Emblem Replacement

Do you like the XLT or V8 emblems on the fender of your F150? Do you wish you could have the same emblem on your tailgate? Well you can. We'll show you how to easily change your stock plain F-150 emblem with a Triton one.

Tailgate XLT Triton V8 Badge Replacement

New F-150 XLT Triton V8 Emblem Badge to go on the truck

Back of F150 Triton V8 badge to be put on

Photo of the bag the emblem came in - part # F85Z-16720-EA

Ordered on April 13 2000 at dealership Legacy Ford Mercury,Inc. McDonough,Georgia. Received on April 25 2000. Costs everything included: 28.45 US$ (US$ --- 2.49 DG) , 42.17 Cdn$(Cdn ---1.68 DG)


I used 0.8 mm iron wire, moving it back and forth to remove the standard F-150 badge.

Photo showing removal of stock badge. Use fishing wire to cut through the foam backing

The trickiest part is to get past the pin in the upper left corner. I pulled the badge towards me, used a knife to cut right beside the pin and inserted another wire. After that, it's a piece of cake. Just move the wire back and forth to the right side and the badge will come off easily.

Photo of the back of the F150 badge after removal

The tailgate after the badge is removed. Some sticky material remains

What's the use of the third hole in the middle, the badge only uses 2 of them?

Pull the sticky substance off. It should come off fairly easily

I never expected, the leftovers would come off that easily. Just take your time and pull slowly, it will come off nicely.

Finally, I used white spirit to remove the remaining glue and spirit to degrease.

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover grease, wax, or glue

Done. After you have inserted the pins of the badge into the holes, make sure the badge is horizontal when you stick it to the tailgate. It is possible to slightly move or rotate the badge.

The job is complete. You can see the new badge

This article was generously donated by Ceesjan Knoppert. This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models.