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Speaker Adapter Plate Construction

Thanks to Steve Bothe for contributing this article. This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models.

Disclaimer: Please note that these articles are posted strictly for informational and educational purposes only. is not responsible for any modifications you may make to your vehicle, nor the results you may have. Performing some of the procedures shown on this site may void your warranty. If in doubt, check with Ford or your local dealer for assistance.

First buy a sheet of ABS (<$15)

Next get a stock speaker, and trace it onto your ABS sheet (I used an awl):
Stock speaker laying on sheet of ABS plastic

Cut the outline out.
Use your templates (supplied with you component speaker) and mark and cut out speaker holes. Also drill screw holes. Doesn't have to be pretty (but it does have to seal)

Template complete

Insert speakers:
New speaker ready to be installed

(I used screws and silicone for the 5 1/4" and epoxy for the tweeter)
Hook up the cross over:
Crossover mounting

Mount the crossover and wire away from window path (I mounted by right near the hinge):

Mount speaker:
Speaker mounted in the door

There is Insulation in front of the tweeter:
Insulation is in the way

Trace it with a stock speaker, and cut it out:
Ahhh, that's better

Sounds so, so, much better. Removing the insulation that is in the way, may improve stock speaker performance.

Just part of the project, that will continue when I have more funds for stereo stuff.
Steve Bothe
2000 SVT Lightning (Silver)