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Fog Light Installation

This article has been donated by Chuck McGhee. Thanks Chuck! This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models and years.

Many owners of 99 and newer f-150 have wanted to put after market lights on the trucks but the areas to put them are limited. The 2 wheel drive trucks did not come with fog lights. I wanted fog lights on my truck so I made some brackets and mounted them. I thought I would share how I did with fellow truck owners so they can see how I did it and maybe get an idea of how to do it themselves.

Here you can see that the lights are mounted next to the license plate holder in the air dam:

You can see where the fog lights are mounted here


I used 1/8" thick by 1 ½"; angle iron to make my brackets.

Diagram of angle iron bracket


I cut the steel to length with an air cut off tool. Then I positioned the angle together as shown and welded it together. I drilled a ½" hole 1 ½" up from the bottom of the angle on the side that will be against the frame.

Driver's side bracket diagram     Passenger's side angle bracket

I then did a test fit and found out where I was going to mount the lights. I marked and drilled the holes to mount the lights to brackets. Then I painted the brackets and allowed them to dry. I then mounted the light to the brackets before crawling under the truck. The brackets are mounted to the frame through an existing hole. A ½" bolt with a large washer on it needs to be fished into that hole through the front of the frame. After the brackets and lights are installed the wiring needs to be hooked up.

Here you can see the bolt that holds the bracket to the frame:

Bracket and frame

This is a view looking up. You can see bracket and the light and how it all fits together.

Bracket and light

Here is the location of the hole that the brackets are bolted too. This picture is of the outside part of the driver-side frame rail. The hole is in the same position in the inside of the frame rail.

Bracket mounting holes

I mounted the relay that came in the wiring harness of the lights, in an existing hole behind the grill in the core support. I then I removed the passenger-side headlight which is I tapped into the parking light circuit so that the fog lights come on with the parking lights. I then ran the wiring down to the lights and took the power wire to power distribution box and fastened the ground to the bolt that holds the relay in place. I don't have a separate switch for the lights. They come on with the parking lights so I can just have fog lights and parking lamps on. The fog lights are also on with high and low beam head lights.

Here is a view with the head light out. I was able to splice into the wire for the marker lamp through the opening of the head light.

Headlight out

Here is a picture of the power distribution box. It is just to the right of the battery.

Power Distribution Box

In this picture you can see where I mounted the relay. The ground is connected to the same bolt that holds the relay in place.


 This is how my lights look installed. It wasn't that hard after I figure out what I had to do. I hope my article makes it easier for my fellow truckers to install aftermarket lights.

The result of the hard work