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Fix The Intermittent Wiper Problem

Are your wipers malfunctioning? Do they come on by themselves or not work right? Well look no further. Here we have the fix for this problem. Thanks to Keith Vicker who gave us permission to re-post this article. This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models.

Tools Required

Ford F150 Wiper Fix - Tools Required

Be sure to turn the ignition off and remove the key before starting this procedure!

Turn ignition off, remove key

The next step is to remove the end cap. Carefully pry the cap off the stalk with a sharp, flat tool.

Pry the end-cap off the turn signal stalk

End cap removed

Now that the end cap is off, hold the wiper switch still, and unscrew the single Philips screw. Don't slide the switch off yet!

Before you slide the rotating switch cover off, place your hand under the entire assembly as shown. Be careful not to lose the spring-loaded switch detents (top one is circled, the other is on the bottom).

Remove detent assembly

Remove spring

Carefully remove contacts

Use brake or contact cleaner to clean this part

Close-up of the circuit board

Remove the stalk cover (back)

Pry off the cover

Cover removed

Cover the dash

Prepare the stalk

Clean contacts

Put a nice dab of the dielectric grease on a Q-tip. Then, apply it liberally to the entire contact surface as shown:

Apply dielectric grease

More grease, re-insert detent assembly

Re-insert this part

Close-up of reinserted part

Replace spring

Replace outer barrel

Off Position

Next, replace the Philips screw while holding the outer barrel in. If the screw is hard to turn, remove it and try to start it in a different position.

Finally, replace the endcap, aft cover on the stalk. Enjoy your exorcised windshield wipers.