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Drop Kit Installation

This page contains drop shackle installation instructions provided by Brad "SVT2Go". Thanks, Brad. This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for 1990's-2000's Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models and years.

Disclaimer: Please note that these articles are posted strictly for informational and educational purposes only. is not responsible for any modifications you may make to your vehicle, nor the results you may have. Performing some of the procedures shown on this site may void your warranty. If in doubt, check with Ford or your local dealer for assistance.

I did the aim drop shackle install. This install is *Easy*!!!, if you have a good floor jack.

Tools Needed: 13/16s Socket, 13/16s wrench, a good floor jack, and some car stands.

First thing you need to do is jack up the truck up and get some jacks stands under the frame. You have to have the rear end completely off the ground to do the install. (Without a jack under the rear end the tires can't be touching the ground)

So here is the truck jacked up (yes the rear tires are barely off the ground)

  Picture # 1

The shackles are at the back of the leaf springs

Picture # 2

Put a little bit of pressure on the pumpkin (center of the rear end) with the jack, just enough to support it while you remove all the bolts, this way the rear end doesn’t want to fall as you loosen it.

I loosened both the top and bottom bolt. On the top bolt you don't have to use a wrench, just the socket. The top bolt as a metal peace welded on it to stop it from spinning on one side.

Loosen all four bolts (2 per side) they are all 13/16s.

I had to use a small tire iron, in a rocking motion under the shackle to get the bottom bolt out on each side...

Picture # 3

After you get both bottom bolts out, jack the rear end up slowly, so that you raise the top of the shackle above the frame rail. This is the only way to get the top bolts out.

Picture # 4

Then I put the new shackles on, hand tightened the top bolt on both sides, and started to let the rear end fall back into place, guiding the shackles so the bottom bolt holes lined up

Picture # 5

Put the bottom bolts in, again you might have to use a small tire iron to manipulate the shackles into the correct position.

Tighten all 4 bolts, but don't over tighten. I don't have a torque spec on this but remember the shackles move back and forth with the leaf springs. You'll get a feel for how tight everything was when you disassemble it all.

This is as easy as it gets - anyone can do it