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Ford Truck VIN Decoder - Newer Trucks

This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for 1981-newer Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models and years.

Note: This VIN decoder is a bit out-dated so if it doesn't work for your vehicle, just use the Ford one.

Here is a little help on decoding that VIN.

** To decode the sticker in the door jamb (axle code, transmission code, etc.) go here **

** To decode the VIN of a 1973-1980 Ford truck, go here **

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17-digit sequence of letters and numbers that is basically your vehicle's serial number. It is unique to your vehicle. No other vehicle in the world will have the same VIN. It can be found at the front of the dash on a metal plate, visible through the windshield on the driver's side. As well, it is also found on the door sticker on the driver's side door jamb.

Note: Every attempt has been made to include complete, accurate information. This page contains Ford truck related VIN information.

Diagram of VIN Tag

1. World Vehicle Manufacturer

1FM — Ford Motor Company, USA, multi-purpose vehicle
1FT — Ford Motor Company, USA, truck, completed vehicle
1FD — Ford Motor Company, USA, incomplete vehicle
1FC — Ford Motor Company, USA, basic (stripped) chassis
1FB — Ford Motor Company, USA, bus
1FF — Ford Motor Company, USA, motor vehicle equipment without engine/powertrain (Glider)
1MH — Mercury, USA, incomplete vehicle
2FM — Ford Motor Company, Canada, multi-purpose vehicle
2FT — Ford Motor Company, Canada, truck, completed vehicle
2FD — Ford Motor Company, Canada, incomplete vehicle
2FC — Ford Motor Company, Canada, basic (stripped) chassis
2FB — Ford Motor Company, Canada, bus
2FF — Ford Motor Company, Canada, motor vehicle equipment without engine/powertrain (Glider)
2MH — Mercury, Canada, incomplete vehicle
3FB — Ford Motor Company, Mexico, bus
3FC — Ford Motor Company, Mexico, basic (stripped) chassis
3FE — Ford Motor Company, Mexico, incomplete vehicle
3FM — Ford Motor Company, Mexico, multi-purpose vehicle
3FT — Ford Motor Company, Mexico, truck, completed vehicle
4M2 — Mercury, USA, multi-purpose vehicle
4M3 — Mercury, USA, incomplete vehicle
4M4 — Mercury, USA, truck, completed vehicle

2. Brake Type and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) (all vehicles with hydraulic brakes)

A — 0-3000 Pounds
B — 3,001-4,000 Pounds
C — 4,001-5,000 Pounds
D — 5,001-6,000 Pounds
E — 6,001-7,000 Pounds (may also be "R")
F — 7,001-8,000 Pounds
G — 8,001-8,500 Pounds
H — 8,501-9,000 Pounds
J — 9,001-10,000 Pounds
K — 10,001-14,000 Pounds
L — 14,001-16,000 Pounds
M — 16,001-19,500 Pounds

3. Vehicle Line, Series, Body Type

E11 — Econoline Club Wagon
E31 — Econoline Club Wagon (Heavy Duty)
S31 — Econoline Club Wagon (Super Club Wagon)
E14 — Econoline E-150 (Cargo Van)
E24 — Econoline E-250 (Cargo Van)
E27 — Econoline E-250 (Commercial Cutaway)
E29 — Econoline E-250 (Commercial Basic)
E30 — Econoline E-350 (RV Cutaway)
E34 — Econoline E-350 (Cargo Van)
E37 — Econoline E-350 (Commercial Cutaway)
E39 — Econoline E-350 (Commercial Basic)
S24 — Econoline E-250 (Super Van)
S34 — Econoline E-350 (Super Van)
E40 — E-Super Duty (RV Cutaway)
E47 — E-Super Duty (Commercial Cutaway)
F07 — F-150 Flareside, 4x2
X07 — F-150 (SuperCab) Flareside, 4x2
F08 — F-150 Flareside, 4x4
X08 — F-150 (SuperCab) Flareside, 4x4
F17 — F-150 Styleside, 4x2
X17 — F-150 (SuperCab) Styleside, 4x2
F18 — F-150 Styleside, 4x4
X18 — F-150 (SuperCab) Styleside, 4x4
F27 — F-250 Styleside, 4x2
X27 — F-250 (SuperCab) Styleside, 4x2
F28 — F-250 Styleside, 4x4
X28 — F-250 (SuperCab) Styleside, 4x4
U22 — Explorer (2-door), 4x2
U32 — Explorer (4-door), 4x2
U24 — Explorer (2-door), 4x4
U34 — Explorer (4-door), 4x4
U35 — Explorer (4-door), AWD
U52 — Mountaineer (4-door) 4x2
U54 — Mountaineer (4-door) 4x4
U55 — Mountaineer (4-door) AWD
R10 — Ranger 4x2
R11 — Ranger 4x4
R14 — Ranger 4x2 (2-door SuperCab)
R15 — Ranger 4x4 (2-door SuperCab)
R18 — Ranger 4x2 (4-door SuperCab)
R19 — Ranger 4x4 (4-door SuperCab)

4. Engine Type

A — 2.3L EFI, four cylinder (Ranger 1997 and older)
6 — 4.6L EFI-SOHC (Windsor), eight cylinder (Econoline, F-150, F-250)
W — 4.6L EFI-SOHC, eight cylinder (F-150, F-250)
L — 5.4L EFI-SOHC, eight cylinder (Econoline, F-150, F-250)
S — 6.8L EFI-SOHC, ten cylinder (Econoline)
F — 7.3L Turbo-Diesel, eight cylinder (Econoline)
2 — 4.2L EFI-OHV, six cylinder (Econoline, F-150, F-250)
Z — 5.4L SOHC, gaseous fuel prep, eight cylinder (Econoline, F-150, F-250)
M — 5.4L SOHC natural gas, eight cylinder (Econoline, F-150, F-250)
X — 4.0L EFI-OHV, six cylinder (Explorer, Ranger)
E — 4.0L EFI-SOHC, six cylinder (Explorer, Mountaineer)
P — 5.0L EFI, eight cylinder (Explorer/Mountaineer)
B — 2.5L OHV-DI diesel, four cylinder (Ranger)
C — 2.5L EFI-SOHC, four cylinder (Ranger)
U — 3.0L, six cylinder (Ranger)

5. Check Digit

This is a generated number.

6. Model Year

V — 1997
W — 1998
X — 1999
Y — 2000
1 — 2001
2 — 2002

7. Assembly Plant

L — Michigan Truck (Wayne, Michigan)
S — Allen Park (Allen Park, Michigan)
H — Lorain (Lorain, Ohio)
C — Ontario Truck (Oakville, Ontario)
E — Kentucky Truck (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
K — Kansas City (Claycomo, Missouri)
N — Norfolk (Norfolk, Virginia)
U — Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky)
Z — St. Louis (Hazlewood, Missouri)
P — Twin Cities (St. Paul, Minnesota)
T — Edison (Edison, New Jersey)

8. Production Sequence Number - this is an alphanumeric code for the vehicle build sequence. This is also the vehicle serial and warranty number.

A00001-E99999 — Ford Division
J00001-L99999 — Lincoln-Mercury Division