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How To Make Your Own Custom Ford Emblem

This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford "blue oval" emblems/badges. Article by Javi Guerra (a.k.a. Buzz4x4)

The following information contains instructions on how to paint your Ford Oval emblems your own color in the late model F150, F250, F350 as far as I know and researched they work with almost any year Ford Emblem. The way to make sure is feel the plastic coating on it with a knife and check to see if it’s a bit rubbery if it is then it should work.

Disclaimer: Please note these articles are posted strictly for informational and educational purposes only. is not responsible for any modifications you make to your own vehicle, nor the results you may have. Perform these procedures at your own risk.

This is a relatively inexpensive mod that I did and took photos of in hopes that I can save you guys and gals a few bucks. Read the instructions completely and carefully before you begin.

Tools needed:

  1. 3M double sided mounting tape (at least 2mm thick)app. $2.47
  2. 1 can of Dupli-Color Truck, Van & SUV spray paint.(color of your choice)app. $3.48
  3. 1 box of Envirotex a pour on high gloss finish (available at a large craft store)app. $8.99
  4. 10mm socket and ratchet
  5. Chap stick or a crayon
  6. Acetone (not a requirement)
  7. Masking tape

(Please note: I highly recommend you purchasing an extra set of logos at a junk yard or dealership in case of any mistakes you might make.)

Supplies needed to customize your Ford Oval badge

supplies needed.


1.) First you’ll need to remove the front emblem. The first step is to remove the Radiator cowl. This is done by unscrewing the 8 plastic fasteners and then popping out the compression fittings the screws were in. Here is a picture of the cowl and where the fasteners are located.

Photo showing removal of the radiator cowl. Note the fasteners circled in red

Not all the fasteners are pictured but you should have no trouble finding them all.

2.) Second you’ll need a 10mm socket and reach behind the grill and unscrew the two fasteners that hold the front emblem on. Since they are not nuts and just a nut shaped fasteners I have heard that you can just pull out the emblem with a knife . I chose not to do that and possibly avoid any damage.

Reach in and unscrew the two fasteners holding the front Ford oval on the grille

reach behind the grill and unscrew the two fasteners with a 10mm socket.

3.) Third remove the rear emblem on the tailgate. This is done by heating up the emblem with a hair dryer and using fishing line as a saw and/or just peeling it off. (The hotter it is the easier it will be.) Take off any excess glue from both the emblem and tailgate.

Photo of the tailgate Ford emblem removal process

heat it up with a hair dryer and use some fishing string as a saw behind it. There are three pins behind the emblem that won’t let you saw all the way through you’ll have to pry it off…be careful not to scratch the paint.

4.) After removing the two emblems you’ll need to remove the rubbery plastic coating on them. This can be achieved using a hair dryer or placing the emblems in boiling water. I chose to heat them up with a hair dryer since I had no idea how long they needed to be boiled and it was much easier. Once it is hot enough you’ll notice the plastic coating is soft. Use a knife and dig out the plastic carefully…Don’t worry if you scratch the metal surface underneath. It should come out in big pieces and the blue color will come with it.. If any blue color remains on the emblem scratch it off or use acetone to remove it.

Photo of removal of plastic coating

this is a pic of the plastic part separated from the emblem as you can see most of the blue paint came out with the plastic.

5.) The next step was one of the most time consuming. Tape off the chrome all around the edge. And either using the chap stick or crayon carefully cover the areas that you want to keep chrome. I toyed with the idea of leaving everything chrome and only painting the word FORD black but I decided not to. I used a crayon on the rear emblem and I used chapstick on the font one so I could see which was better. I’d have to say the one with the chapstick was the easiest to remove. Carefully coat the word ford with chapstick making sure you get every part.

6.)Once you have both emblems carefully coated with Chap Stick. Take the Dupli color of your choice apply several thin coats of the spray paint. Let it dry completely before working with it.

Photo of Ford ovals after a coat of paint

7.) I don’t have any pictures of the next step but it’s pretty much self explanatory. This was the most time consuming of the steps because I was very careful and wanted to make it perfect. Once the paint is completely dried you’ll need to either use the end of a Popsicle stick or a small knife or even your fingernail and scratch off all of the areas where you placed the chap stick or crayon. If you coated the letters correctly you should just be able to take it right off exposing the chrome. As careful as I tried to be I did scratch off a little bit around the letters but I just covered up any mistakes with a black marker. Then buff it up real nice with a soft cloth.

8.) Eighth and final step after making sure you have everything scratched off and it looks good follow the instructions on the Envirotex box. Inside the box there are two plastic tubes with a hardener and resin. Mix an equal amount of the two together very well in a cup or small bowl.
Make sure your emblems are on a flat surface face up. Pour the mixture on the emblems very slowly and let it fill the entire surface. Also make sure you get the grove around the edges. Be very careful during this step and take your time make sure you don’t pour to much right away in fact pour a little first and move the emblem around to get the mixture to coat the entire area. Then pour some more and fill it. I believe the rear emblem takes approximately 20ccs of the mixture although I did not measure the amount I put in.

Pouring the mixture into the ovals

Now place the emblems in a safe place and away from dust. You’re going to need to leave them on a flat surface face up for a quite some time. My Emblems took almost 24 hours to completely dry causing me to drive around without them . That is another reason why I suggest buying an extra set to work on. Once they’re completely dried buff it up real nice and replace the front emblem, secure the fasteners. Since the fasteners are of very cheap quality you may just have to use the double-sided tape on the Front emblem as well as the back. Don’t forget to replace the radiator cowl. To insure a good clean surface for the tape to stick on you may want to clean the back of the back of the emblem and truck with rubbing alcohol. On the rear emblem make sure you cover the back entirely with the double sided tape, stick it on and press firmly.

The modified emblem, ready to go back on

here’s a pic of the backside of the rear emblem covered completely in double sided tape.

That’s it your done!. You’ve just saved at least 80 dollars by making your own custom ford logos! Take a look at the finished product! Good luck and happy motoring.

Close-up photo of the new black Ford oval

The job is done! The emblem is black!

The new modded front grille blue Ford oval