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Clean Your Ford MAF Sensor

This tech article was originally posted at It is primarily intended for Ford trucks but also applies to other Ford models that have a MAF sensor

The Mass Air Flow sensor is a very delicate sensor. It uses two wires to measure the amount of air flowing into the engine. The two wires are heated (by electricity) and the more electricity used to heat them tells the ECU how much air is flowing past them.

Between very fine dirt and the trend towards oiled filters it's very important to clean the MAF. Cleaning the MAF has so many benefits it's unreal. Between reducing pinging, increasing mileage, and preventing it from burning out (saving yourself $$$) there's no reason to not clean the MAF sensor once every 6 months. Also clean it shortly after installing or reinstalling an oil filed air filter.

You don't need many tools. As a matter of fact, a screwdriver and the pictured stuff is all you'll need:

Tools required to clean your Ford F150 MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor

You'll need a flat head screwdriver. Those are Safety Torx or Tamper Proof Torx bits. You can buy a whole set like I did or just get size T-20.

Now, it's time for an important note. You see that big red aerosol can? It's ELECTRICAL CONTACT CLEANER. This is the only thing you should use to clean your MAF. Only ELECTRICAL CONTACT CLEANER or MASS AIRFLOW CLEANER. No windex, no carb cleaner, no brake cleaner, no rubbing alcohol, and no Q-Tips.

Step 1: Open the hood and locate your air box. If you can't find it...please stop right now and have a friend clean your MAF for you.

Step 2: Open the airbox and move the assembly up to give you room to work.

Step 3: Locate the plug on the bottom and move the grommet down to give you room. See picture.

Photo of the location of the MAF on an F-150 truck

Step 4: Take the flathead screwdriver and pop the four tabs holding the assembly in.

Step 5: Reach in and disconnect the wiring harness from the MAF. Don't rip the wires or anything!

Step 6: Remove the assembly. Locate the MAF and remove the two screws holding it in.

A closer photo of the F-150 Mass Airflow Sensor MAF

Step 7: Spray the living daylights out of the wires. Do NOT touch them. ABOSOLUTELY DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Those wires are very small and delicate. If you break one of's a $150 mistake.

Step 8: The installation is the reversal.

Do this once every 6 months and your MAF will continue to be clean and your performance won't suffer.

This article was prepared & is re-posted with permission of Dan Norte from