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1991 & 1992 Ford Nite F-150 & Bronco

1992 Ford F-150 Nite special edition pickup truck

The "Nite" package was a special edition package that was available in 1991 and 1992 on the Ford F-150 and Bronco models. The package was for the most part an appearance package, with the most noticeable features being the black paint & trim, and special multi color stripe and Nite decal on the sides and tailgate.

Way back in the Ford Model T days, Henry Ford had said you could get the Model T in any color you wanted as long as it was black. Apparently Ford thought that sounded great for '91 and '92 LOL because the only color you could get the Nite edition was in Raven Black. But that's OK in my opinion because it looks really sharp!

The Nite package (available on the F-150 XLT Lariat truck) also included 235/75/15 white-letter tires, alloy wheels, and sport suspension. The Nite Bronco also included a Nite logo on the rear spare tire cover.

1992 Ford Bronco Nite package

In 1991, you could only get a "Nite" truck in a regular cab F150. In 1992, you could get it in any style F150 (Styleside, Flareside, SuperCab, etc.) in addition to the Bronco. These trucks came with either a 302 (5.0L) or 351 (5.8L) V8, and in either 2 wheel drive (2WD) or 4 wheel drive (4WD).

Here is a quote from the 1992 Ford Truck brochure:

The XLT Lariat 'nite' truck is available in the regular cab or SuperCab 4x2 or 4x4 with the 302 as standard. Its dressed out in raven black with special bodyside tape stripes and forged aluminum deep-dish wheels...

The nite model interior includes a choice of colors - dark charcoal, scarlet red or crystal blue, a sliding rear window, 'nite' nomenclature on the instrument panel and special 'nite' floor mats.

Nite F-150 Video

I encourage you to take one minute right now to view this quick tour of an amazing original 1992 Nite F150 short box regular cab:

Ford Nite Truck Production Numbers

I was not able to find production numbers for this special truck, if you find that information be sure to let us know.

Ford Nite Advertisements

Here are a couple of scanned original Nite truck magazine ads from back in 1991. They are in PDF format.

and here is a photo of a beautiful 1991 long box Nite F150:

1991 F150 Long Box Nite

Ford Nite Part Numbers

As a service to you, I've put together a list of all the Nite-specific OEM original Ford part numbers that I could find.

Nite Decals (Stripes)

Note: The BG suffix indicates "pink", the BH suffix indicates "blue".

I believe the bedside Nite script decal is the same part number on the F150 and Bronco. Scroll down a bit to see a larger close-up photo of the bedside decal.

Ford Nite F150 and Bronco collage - 1991 1992 Ford F-150 Nite special edition

Nite Floor Mats

Other Items

So far I have not been able to find a part number specifically for the Nite emblem badge that is on the passenger side of the dashboard.

Where Can I Buy Nite Decals?

One of the top requests from Nite F150/Bronco owners are reproduction decals and stripes. Well I'm pleased to let you know that a company called Phoenix Graphix now reproduces the original style Nite decals.

They sell a kit (part # 9192NITE) which includes the main stripe down the side, the Nite word decals for the sides, and the rear one for the tailgate! You can even choose from the Pink/Wisteria color or the Blue/Wisteria color combos. They now even offer a reproduction of the Nite dash emblem!

Go check out the Nite Decals page on their website and if you buy from them let them know sent you (although we are not affiliated with them in any way though).

1992 Ford Nite Bronco Photos

Here are some photos of an amazing condition low-mileage Nite Bronco from 1992, enjoy:

Nite Bronco Decal Stripe Closeup

1992 Ford NITE Bronco

Nite Bronco Spare Tire Cover:
Ford Bronco Spare Tire Cover Nite

Ford Nite dash emblem badge:
Ford Truck Nite Dash Emblem

1992 Ford Bronco Nite Interior Grey Leather

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One-Owner 1992 Ford F150 Nite Truck (Barry Faass)

A friend of mine by the name of Barry Faass sent a pile of photos in, so here are my favorites for your viewing pleasure. Barry bought his 1992 F150 Nite edition brand new.

1992 F150 Nite Decals Right Rear

Nite Floor Mats:
Nite Floor Mats OEM NOS

92 Nite F150 Barry

1992 F150 5.8L Engine Bay

1992 F150 Nite Interior Barry

1992 F150 Nite Edition Side Black

Ford Nite Trucks Forum Discussions

As you may know, this Ford Nite article used to be hosted at our partner site They have a dedicated Nite F150/Bronco forum.

Here are links to the most popular Nite discussion topics over there:

I hope you found this Ford Truck Nite page informative. I've spent dozens of hours in putting together the most complete article on these trucks because I personally really like them. I nearly bought one quite a few years ago and did buy some floor mats and decals and things from eBay (which I no longer have).

These are really special and rare trucks even though they are not any more valuable than a regular version of the truck, I really appreciate them for what they are.