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1996 Thunderbird LXYour source for Ford Thunderbird & Mercury Cougar information. One of my favorite quotes I heard was "Thunderbird: Because everyone else drives a mustang.".

This site is primarily geared toward MN12 owners, that is owners of 1989 through 1997 Ford Thunderbirds and Mercury Cougars. MN12 is simply the platform designation. It stands for Midsize North American Project #12.

Note: So as you can probably tell, this Thunderbird / Cougar content used to be located at our partner site It has now been moved here to be part of a bigger site with a focus on more Ford models. If you're visiting this article as a redirect from the old site, be sure to check out all the Ford articles we have to offer.

1989-1997 Ford Thunderbird Technical Articles

Other Technical Stuff

Webmaster's 1996 Thunderbird a.k.a. Pearl Bird

If you've got a "how-to" article on doing something to your Thunderbird or Cougar, we'd be glad to post it. Of course, the more detail the better. And a picture is worth a thousand words ;-)

My favorite MN12 forum is TCCoA, there are plenty of knowledgeable people there.