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1999 Ford F-150 Specs Details

In 1999 the big thing on many people's minds was Y2K, or the changeover to year 2000. There was concern that computers couldn't handle the digit change to 00 or 2000 and so computerized systems like banking and traffic signals would "crash".

1999 Ford F150 SuperCab Lariat

Fortunately the world didn't fall apart when the clock moved ahead to 2000, but there were a lot of preparations in 1999 to help prepare for that.

As you probably know, Ford completely redesigned the F-150 for 1997 and so changes for 1998 were minor. Ford did have some big changes for Ford truck fans in 1999 involving two trucks. The SVT Lightning returns, and the new Super Duty lineup.

1999 Ford F-150 Video

Take a few minutes right now to check it this flawless 1999 F-150 SVT Lightning in red:

What's New For 1999

So for 1999, there were a lot of small changes plus two big ones. The most noticeable change to the F-150 was the new bumper & grille up front. More details on the other small changes following the big news.

The F-250 (light duty), F-250 heavy duty, and F-350 from 1998 were replaced by the new F-250 and F-350 Super Duty models. That means the F-150 body was now only avialabe as an F-150.

Ford also announced the Ford and Harley-Davidson motorcycles partnership in 1999 and told us about the new Harley F-150 that will be out for 2000. More details on the 2000 F150 page.

Return of the SVT Lightning

The big news for '99 is that Ford brought back the SVT Lightning truck and it better than ever. It was brought in about half-way through the model year, on March 1, 1999.

The 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning truck was only available in a regular cab, short box "step side" configuration. It featured a supercharged 5.4L engine that produced 360 horsepower @ 4,750 rpm and 440 lb-ft of torque @ 3,000 rpm. Engine redline was 5,250 with fuel cut-off at 5,400 rpm.

The rated 0-60 mph (miles per hour) time is 6.2 seconds, 0-100 mph is 6.3 seconds, and the quarter mile was run in 14.6 seconds @ 97 miles per hour. Top speed was 140 mph (225 km/h).

Some of the unique features that only the SVT Lightning received include:

The color choices for the Lightning were Bright Red Clearcoat, Black Clearcoat, and Oxford White Clearcoat. There was only one interior color, so hopefully you like medium graphite cloth with leather accents.

The options for the 99 Lightning included 6-CD player, soft tonneau, and Class III towing group.

1999 Ford SVT Lightning F-150

Lots of small changes for 1999

So on to those smaller changes I mentioned. The SuperCab model received a 4th door. For 97 & 98, the SuperCab just had a rear access door on the passenger side, but now it had a rear swinging door on the driver side as well.

1999 F150 SuperCab Red

The 5.4L V8 engine got a power boost of 25 horsepower to 250 hp and 345 lb-ft of torque.

An upgraded 4R70W automatic transmission replaced the 4R100 trans for 5.4L-equipped F-150's in all states except California, and high altitude applications. California F-150's kept the 4R100 transmission.

A new 9.84 inch dual-diaphragm brake booster was put in the F-150 (same as the F-250 has). 4-wheel anti-lock brakes are now standard on XLT and Lariat for 1999. F-150's with 4-wheel ABS also get 4-wheel disc brakes.

The previous 16x7 cast aluminum wheels were redesigned. The XL trim's chrome styled steel wheels are changed to painted styled steel wheels.

Inside, the front seats were revamped, and there were new interior and headliner colors.

1999 F-150 SuperCab Interior Seats

1999 F-Series Model Lineup

The available trim levels were a carry-over from the year before. The choices for F-150 or F-250 were Standard, XL, XLT, or Lariat. The F-250 light duty body for '98 is based on the F-150 body, that will change in '99.

1999 Ford F-150 Technical Specifications

Further technical specifications can be found at our partner site

1999 Ford Super Duty F-250 F-350

Here are a few photos of the all-new 1999 Super Duty. For more information on the truck, check out NewCarTestDrive's review.

1999 F-250 Super Duty All New

Red 1999 F-350 Dually

1999 Ford F-Series Resources