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1989 Ford F-Series Specs

Ford ended the 1980s the same way it entered-number one in domestic truck sales. Hindsight is always 20/20, though it's difficult to find fault with the way Ford developed, evolved, and redeveloped the F-Series through what would become a pivotal decade of automotive evolution.

1989 Ford F150 Red Longbox

In 1980, pickup trucks were still generally restricted to work duty and seldom featured items like power window or door locks. Carburetors fed fuel to engines, "three-on-the-tree" manual transmissions still sent power to the wheels, and computer control was something relegated to science fiction.

The 1980s forever changed the automotive landscape however, and as the decade came to a close, the rise of the pickup from work vehicle to mainstream transportation was all but complete. Leading that charge-as it had since the late 1970s - was the Ford F-Series..

1989 Ford F-150 Video

Here's a video of a really nice 89 F150 XLT Lariat. Please take two minutes to check out this super clean blue 1989 F-150!

What's New For 1989

Few changes graced the 1989 F-Series as compared to the 1988 F-Series. Ford's EEC-IV computer control system was expanded to a new electronic four-speed automatic transmission called E4OD. SuperCab models offered a new tilt/slide feature on the optional captain's chairs, allowing easier ingress/egress to the rear seat.

1989 F-150 F-250 Interior

The standard black grille for the Custom and XL models was ditched for a more appealing argent grille. Automatic locking hubs on four-wheel drive versions of the F-150, which had been optional since 1981, became standard equipment later in the 1989 model year. Manual locking hubs were still an option.

1989 Ford F-Series Model Lineup

All models and styles carried over from 1988 - Custom, XL, and XLT Lariat for the trim levels and Regular Cab, SuperCab, or Crew Cab for the styles. All beds were Styleside, with dual-rear wheels optional on two-wheel drive versions of the F-350.

1989 F250 Red Silver

1989 F-Series Engine / Powertrains

Under the hood and stretching to the rear axle, 1989 was a complete carry over from 1988. That means a 4.9 liter I-6 and a five-speed manual transmission as standard in the F-150/250/250 HD regular cab with two-wheel drive.

Other models continued to use the 5.8 liter V-8. Four-speed manual transmissions were optional on some trucks, while the three and four-speed automatics were optional across the entire line.

Engine Availability Power/Torque
4.9 liter/300 cid I-6
F-150 / F-250 / F-250HD (2WD only)
150 / 260
5.0 liter/302 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250
185 / 270
5.8 liter/351 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250 / F-250HD / F-350
210 / 315
7.3 L V-8 Diesel
F-250HD / F-350 / F-Super Duty Chassis Cab
180 / 345
7.5 liter/460 cid V-8
F-250HD / F-350
230 / 390

1989 F-Series Payload Capacity Specs

1989 Ford F-Series Recalls & Defects

Trims, engines, and body styles weren't the only things to carry over from 1988. The ignition switch recall (ID 39985) that began with the previous year also affected the 1989 trucks.

A defective snap ring on the Park gear output shaft resulted in recall ID 63956, affecting over 100,000 trucks. 1989 also marked the beginning of the fuel selector valve recall (ID 52841) on trucks equipped with dual fuel tanks.

Loose steering, clunky suspension, and the trademark Ford rust spots were also part of typical F-Series ownership for 1989, as they had been throughout the decade.

1989 Ford F-150 Standard Features & Available Options

Major standard features include:

Seven Preferred Equipment Packages (500A through 507A) were available depending on trim level. They include:
Custom - 500A, 501A, 502A
XL - 503A, 504A
XLT Lariat - 506A, 507A

Interior trim colors include Dark Charcoal, Crystal Blue, Scarlet Red, and Chestnut. These colors are coded to certain exterior paint colors and may not be available in all interior/exterior color combinations.

Available exterior paint color choices for 1989 include:

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