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1986 Ford F150

The final year for the seventh-generation F-Series would pass quietly. From its introduction in 1980 through the last production truck in 1986, the seventh-generation built on the success of previous F-Series pickups and solidified Ford's position as the manufacturer with the most successful pickup trucks by far.

1986 Ford F150

In 1986, the F-Series had already held the title of best-selling truck in America for 16 years, but in just a few more years it would even eclipse that title to become the best selling vehicle in America, period. Much of that credit goes to the broad appeal and impressive capabilities of the seventh-generation F-Series, which kept loyal buyers close while introducing scores of new customers to the world of Ford trucks.

1986 Ford F-150 Videos

You've just got to stop and take three minutes to watch this video of what might be the nicest 1986 F-150 out there. This truck is ridiculously amazing! You sure don't see trucks in this condition, it is quite rare today.

I found another video, just a little longer with a more in depth tour. I hope you appreciate these trucks like I do.

What's New For 1986

1986 was essentially a carryover year, biding time before the restyled eighth-generation trucks made their debut. All gauges (engine temperature, oil pressure, ammeter, and fuel level) became standard equipment.

New exterior colors included Colonial White, Medium Silver Metallic, Dark Spruce Metallic, Dark Shadow Blue Metallic, and Dark Grey Metallic.

1986 F150 Dash

And to make the selection of optional equipment easier, Ford created several Preferred Equipment Packages, which would become a staple of F-Series ordering for consumers. Lastly, the optional white styled steel wheels were removed from the options list, as was the Regular Two-Two paint scheme, which covered the roof and upper cab panel.

1986 Ford F-Series Model Lineup

All trims and models carried over unchanged from 1985. Standard served as the basic trim level, followed by XL and XLT Lariat. F-150 models were available in Standard or SuperCab format, with either a Styleside of Flareside bed. The Standard cab is sometimes called a single cab, SuperCab is Ford's name for the extended cab version, and Flareside is Ford's name for the stepside bed which is a short bed.

F-250 models were also available as either a Regular or SuperCab, including the F-250HD. F-350 models were offered in Regular or Crew Cab form, with optional dual rear wheels on two-wheel drive models only. The inline 6 cylinder engine remained the standard power plant for most of the lineup; the F-350 and F-250HD received a 5.8 liter engine instead.

1986 F150 Red White

1986 F-Series Powertrains

As with the models, powertrain options carried over unchanged. Fortunately, the previous year offered some of the most powerful engine options in the pickup truck world, including the fuel-injected 5.0 liter V-8, a normal and high output version of the 5.8 liter, the big block 7.5 liter V-8, and the torque monster 6.9 liter diesel.

Transmission options also remained the same, though 1986 would finally mark the end of the line for "three-on-the-tree" three-speed manual.

Engine Availability Power/Torque
4.9 liter/300 cid I-6
F-150 / F-250 / F-250HD (2WD only)
122 / 255
5.0 liter/302 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250
185 / 270
5.8 liter/351 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250 / F-250HD / F-350
150 / 280
5.8 liter/351 cid V-8 HO
F-150 / F-250
210 / 305
6.9L /420 cid V-8 Diesel
F-250HD / F-350
170 / 315
7.5 liter/460 cid V-8
F-250HD / F-350
225 / 380

1986 F-Series Payload Capacity Specs

1986 Ford F-Series Defects / Recalls

A single outstanding recall (ID 41236) for the 1986 F-Series addresses a possible fuel leak stemming from a faulty fuel line coupling.

Beyond that, worn out suspension components and rusty body panels are the chief issues affecting the last of the seventh-generation Ford pickups.

Custom 1986 F-150s

Anecdotally some of these trucks get customized, especially as time goes on. Popular changes include lifting the trucks' body or suspension so they are considered "lifted", or doing a prerunner style truck.

1986 Ford F-150 Standard Features & Available Options

Major standard features include:

Eight Preferred Equipment Packages (500A through 507A) were available depending on trim level.

They include:
Standard: 500A, 501A, 502A
XL: 503A, 504A
XLT Lariat: 505A, 506B, 507A

Interior trim colors for 1986 include Chestnut (brown), Regatta Blue, Canyon Red, and Medium Grey. These colors are coded to certain exterior paint colors and may not be available in all interior/exterior color combinations.

Available exterior paint color choices for 1986 include:

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