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1985 Ford F150 Overview

Having survived a gas crisis, deep recession, and dizzying period of technological advancement, Ford's 1985 F-Series held on to its best features and improved on the rest.

1985 Ford F150

By this time, the eighth generation of Ford trucks was on the drawing board in Dearborn, but continual refinements in style and advancements in technology kept the seventh-generation trucks at the top of their game.

1985 Ford F-250 Video

Take a look at this amazing, original F-250 from 1985 with only 10,000 miles on the odometer, Just stunning!!

What's New For 1985 Ford Pickups

The 1985 F-Series are virtually indistinguishable from their slightly older brothers, at least on the outside.

Minor redesigns on the inside removed the last vestiges of 1970's style - simpler color matching design patterns on the seats made for a more modern interior, while the disco-era woodgrain appliqué was replaced with a contemporary "woodtone" design. Map pockets and carpeted trim on the doors of upscale models contributed to a more luxurious feel, elevating the F-Series to a new level of comfort and refinement.

85 F150 Dash Instrument Panel

Outside, an optional brushed aluminum tailgate overlay with a clear red "tail strip" significantly dressed up the bed. Aluminum wheels were no longer an option, but with the argent styled steel wheels or deluxe wheel covers, they were hardly missed. Computer control became the norm on 4.9 and 5.0 liter engines, the latter of which also received electronic fuel injection and a major power boost.

Other notable changes included standard power steering across the F-Series line, dual rear wheels for the big-boy F-350 Crew Cab, and a return of the Lariat trim level.

85 F150 SuperCab Red White

1985 Ford F-Series Model Lineup

Aside from the availability of dual rear wheels in the F-350 Crew Cab, the only real model/trim change for 1985 was the return of the Lariat. Technically, the highest F-Series trim level became XLT Lariat, with XL holding the middle spot and Standard serving entry-level duties.

Other models remained the same - Regular and SuperCab for the F-150/250/250HD, Regular and Crew Cab for the F-350, and though sales were thinning, a Flareside bed was still offered for the F-150. The base engine remained the 4.9 liter inline six in everything, save for the four-wheel drive version of the F-250HD and all F-350 models, which utilized a 5.8 liter V-8 as standard equipment.

1985 F150

1985 F-Series Powertrains

By the mid-1980s, engineers were finally starting to crack the code for reliable, cleaner horsepower through technology. Computer control in the form of Ford's EEC-IV computer management system spread from the 5.8 liter to cover the 4.9 and 5.0 liter engines.

In addition, the venerable 5.0 also received electronic fuel injection, giving the popular motor a 31 percent jump in horsepower. Performance lovers continued to revel in the high output 5.8 liter V-8, while the heavy hitters relied on the 7.5 liter gas and 6.9 liter diesel V-8 engines.

No changes were made to the transmissions - three and four-speed manuals were standard, with three and four-speed automatics optional.

Engine Availability Power/Torque
4.9 liter/300 cid I-6
F-150 / F-250 / F-250HD (2WD only)
122 / 255
5.0 liter/302 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250
185 / 270
5.8 liter/351 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250 / F-250HD / F-350
150 / 280
5.8 liter/351 cid V-8 HO
F-150 / F-250
210 / 305
6.9L /420 cid V-8 Diesel
F-250HD / F-350
170 / 315
7.5 liter/460 cid V-8
F-250HD / F-350
225 / 380

1985 Payload Capacity Specs

1985 Ford F-Series Defects / Recalls

No significant recalls affect the 1985 model year F-Series trucks. Minor issues with the new EFI system on the 5.0 liter occasionally crop up, with most hiccups resulting from clogged fuel injectors.

Rust continues to be the main enemy of the F-Series, especially around the fenders, doors, and cab corners. Worn ball joints and bushings in the independent front suspension also contribute to clunks, noise, and driveline vibration.

1985 Ford F-150 Standard Features & Available Options

Major standard features include:

Major option packages include the Convenience Group, Deluxe Insulation Package, and Light Group. Other packages and options include:

Interior trim colors for 1985 include Charcoal, Regatta Blue, Canyon Red, and Tan.

These colors are coded to certain exterior paint colors and may not be available in all interior/exterior color combinations.

Available exterior paint color choices for 1985 include:

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