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1975 Ford F-100 F-150 Specs

1975 could well be one of the most important years in the history of the F-Series. As with the debut of the SuperCab late in 1974, the 1975 model year would introduce a new player Ford's pickup truck family, and it would ultimately go on to become the best selling vehicle in the US.

75 Ford F100 Ranger Purple White

In the midst of fuel crunches and horsepower-robbing emission standards, Ford managed to find a silver lining called the F-150, and the light pickup truck segment has never been the same.

What's New For 1975

Enter the all new Ford F-150 - the pickup truck that would ultimately become the bar by which other trucks are measured. The F-150 wasn't designed to be a breakaway success; rather, it was billed as a heavy-duty half ton companion to the popular F-100. Compared to its slightly smaller brother, the F-150 offered beefier suspension and a GVW just over 6000 pounds, eclipsing the best-equipped F-100 by roughly 500 pounds.

The success of the F-150 was instantaneous, and though F-100 production would continue for another eight years, the bulk of half ton shoppers would opt for the F-150's increased capability. Accompanying the F-150 were some new color choices and a popular two-tone paint scheme called Bodyside Accent. Drip moldings around the windows became standard across the line, and cruise control made its first pickup truck appearance as an option on all F-Series trim levels.

1975 Ford F-100 Video

We are not affiliated with the producer of this video, we are including it here because it shows a really nice example of a 1975 F-100:

1975 Ford F-Series Model Lineup

With the new F-150 officially part of the stable, Ford's pickup truck line expanded to four models - the F-100, F-150, F-250, and the big dog F-350.

Regular Cab and SuperCab formats were available in all models, while Crew Cabs could be had with the F-250 or F-350 only. Flareside beds were offered in the F-100, F-150 and F-250. All models could be outfitted with any of the three available trim levels, including the entry-level Custom, mid-level Ranger, or top-of-the-line Ranger XLT.

The F-350 Super Camper Special continued to be the first choice for recreation enthusiasts by offering all the goodies of the F-250/350 Camper Special Package as standard equipment, including heavy duty suspension, increased engine cooling, camping wire harness, and large “super single” tires to better carry the extra weight.

75 F350 Crew Cab Blue

1975 F-100 F-150

1975 F-Series Engine / Powertrains

As new emission regulations tightened, minor adjustments to engine and exhaust designs did affect horsepower ratings. By this time, catalytic converters were in widespread use and fuel mileage was becoming more of a concern.

Ford continued to offer some big power, however, while sticking with its tried-and-true 300 cubic inch I-6 as the standard engine through most of the lineup. SuperCabs came with the 360 V-8, while the three-speed manual served as the standard gearbox in most two-wheel drive applications. Four-wheel drive trucks and the F-350 used the four-speed manual for standard duty, with the SelectShift automatic available throughout the line.

Engine Availability Horsepower
4.9 liter / 300 cid I-6
F-100 / F-150 / F-250 / F-350
5.0 liter / 302 cid V-8
5.9 liter / 360 cid V-8
F-100 / F-150 / F-250 / F-350
6.4 liters / 390 cid V-8
F-100 / F-150 / F-250 / F-350
7.5 liter / 460 cid V-8
F-150 / F-250 / F-350

1975 Ford F-Series Interior (Ranger XLT)

1975 Ford F-150 Press Release

The Ford Motor Company press release, issued on Friday morning, August 30,1974 states:

NEW FORD PICKUP - For 1975, Ford Division introduces the new F-150 pickup truck, a "heavy-duty" half-ton model offering the ride comfort of an F-100 and a load rating just below that of the base F-250. With a GVW of 6,050 pounds, the F-150 is designed to operate on leading (sic) or unleaded fuel.

1975 F100 Ranger XLT SuperCab Ford

1975 Ford F-150 Standard Features & Available Options

Major standard features include:

Major options / packages include:

Available exterior paint color choices for 1975 Ford trucks include:

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