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1974 Ford F-Series Trucks

By 1974 the writing was on the wall for making horsepower in the traditional sense. Concerns over oil and ever increasing emission regulations were forcing engineers to rethink everything from vehicle design to engine efficiency. The old adage of bigger is better no longer applied, which wasn't much of a problem for most passenger cars of the day.

1974 Ford F100 SuperCab White Yellow

Pickup trucks however relied on horsepower for more than just bragging rights at stop lights, and surviving the forthcoming political/environmental storm would be a challenge. Ultimately, it would take Detroit nearly a decade to unlock the secrets of cleaner, more efficient horsepower. In the meantime, Ford would rely on style and some notable innovations to keep the fires burning.

1974 Ford F-100 Video

Here's a video of an incredible, low-mileage original 1974 F-100. You really ought to take a few minutes right now to watch it and see such an incredible truck.

What's New For 1974

The big news for 1974 was the all-new SuperCab model, available late in the model year. The SuperCab neatly slotted between the two-door Regular Cab and four-door Crew Cab in terms of passenger convenience, offering room for five without stepping up to a significantly larger truck. Riding on a wheelbase lengthened approximately two feet, the SuperCab offered a forward facing rear bench seat, or side-mounted jump seats for rear passengers. Rear seat accommodations were cramped for adults, but children could survive long trips without issue, allowing the SuperCab to perform as a family vehicle in addition to its traditional work duties.

Though Dodge beat Ford to the extended cab market by one year, the Ford SuperCab would play a significant role in taking the pickup truck from work vehicle to family vehicle.

Other notable changes for 1974 include a new "full time" 4x4 four-wheel drive system, so named because it could be used at higher speeds as opposed to being active all the time. The 460 cubic inch V-8 was also made available to all two-wheel drive pickups.

1974 Ford F-100 Interior

1974 F-Series Model Lineup

The F-100 continued to serve the half-ton Ford shoppers, with the F-250 and F-350 filling the needs of those seeking additional capability. Custom, Ranger, and Ranger XLT denoted the various trim levels, with Custom being the entry-level machine. Styleside and Flareside (stepside) beds were available on Regular Cab F-100 and F-250 models, Crew Cabs could be ordered for F-250 or F-350 pickups, and the SuperCab was available in any model or trim level.

An F-350 Super Camper Special model was also offered, which basically offered everything from the Camper Special package (heavy duty rear shocks, stabilizer bars, super engine cooling, and a camper wiring harness) along with larger tires and special badging:

1974 F350 Super Camper Special

From the 1974 F-Series brochure:

Ford, the recreation specialist, continues to be a leader in engineering and building vehicles designed specifically for recreation usage. Better idea pickups like the Ford F-350 Super Camper Special. A "Rec Vehicle" through and through with unique 140-inch wheelbase and offering high-capacity "Super Single" long-wheelbase / short-rear-overhang design distributes the optimum amount of camper weight ahead of the rear axle for excellent balance and roadability. GVW's range up to 10,000 pounds, and Ford attains this optional GVW rating with single rear tires. Big "Super Singles" (12.00 x 16.5 tires) for needed load capacity and stability without cumbersome dual tire widths. And single rears weigh less than duals so you can carry the difference in camping gear and equipment. The Super Camper's bodyside spare tire mount puts your optional spare within the right side of the pickup box wall ahead of the rear axle. An excellent location for convenient access and proper weight distribution.

1974 Ford F100 Engines / Powertrains Specs

The old 240 cubic inch inline six cylinder would make its final Blue Oval appearance as the standard engine in the F-100 for 1974. SuperCabs and the F-350 Styleside featured the 360 cubic inch engine as standard, while the rest of the line utilized the 300 inline six cylinder as the base mill.

Three speed manuals were standard for the F-100 and F-250, with four-speed manuals standard for the rest of the line. The Cruise-O-Matic auto transmission was optional across the line, as were a wide variety of engines (listed below.)

Engine Availability Horsepower
240 cid I-6
Std. F-100
300 cid I-6
Std. F-250, F-350, Opt. F-100 4x2
302 cid V-8
Opt. F-100 4x2
360 cid V-8
Std. F-350 Styleside & SCS, Opt. all others
390 cid V-8
Opt. F-100 4x2
460 cid V-8 (4V)
Opt. 4x2's

1974 Ford F100 Standard Features & Available Options

1974 Ford F100 Truck

Major standard features include:

Major options/packages include:

Available exterior paint color choices for 1974 include:

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