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1973 Ford F-Series Trucks

With the introduction of the "new generation" 1973 Ford F-Series (F-100, F-250, and F-350) line of pickup trucks, Ford changed the way America looked at this popular form of transportation. Offered in three trim levels (Custom, Ranger, and Ranger XLT), new generation 1973 Ford F-Series pickups featured the most spacious interior ever.

1973 Ford F100 White Yellow Short Box

The 1973 model year moved away from the "grandma" design used in earlier models and on to the "big daddy" design for which Ford would gain worldwide recognition. A wider, more square front end, higher center of gravity, and longer wheelbase all contributed to a Ford F-Series that would become the most popular pickup in North America for more than four-decades.

1973 Ford F-100 Video

You really ought to take a few minutes to check out this absolutely stunning 1973 F-100. It is essentially a brand new 1973 F-100 it is so well cared for.

What's New For 1973

In addition to a larger cab and longer wheelbase, the 1973 Ford F-Series relocates the fuel storage tank from behind the seat to beneath the body and between the frame rails. Not only is this a safer location, it also yields more room in the cabin. As an added bonus, 1973 F-Series owners were now treated to a large storage compartment behind the seat and much more leg room in front. Even the glove box was fifty-percent larger than that of previous models.

There was plenty of room in the cab for three brawny men to travel comfortably. Making the 1973 Ford F-Series even more special was the introduction of the Crew Cab package and the F-350 Super Camper Special. The Crew Cab was the predecessor to the modern sport utility vehicle with its four large wide-opening doors and room for six husky passengers. It was offered with your choice of a 6.75-foot bed or an 8-foot bed; in Flareside or Styleside as well as platform stake side or as a cargo chassis.

The Flareside bed is often called a stepside bed because of the step-up running boards alongside the bottom of the bed's exterior. The all-new 1973 Ford F-350 Super Camper Special was designed as a pure workhorse. It featured a 140-inch wheelbase and was available with either a 360 cubic-inch engine or a massive 460 cubic-inch. This was a big truck designed to handle the biggest jobs.

1973 Ford F-100 Rear

New interior color combinations match the exterior and provide durability and style to the wide, plush seating surfaces, door panels, and dash. The new two-tone and singular paint schemes were striking and provided a way for truck buyers to express their individuality or show their company loyalty in color.

The Twin-I-Beam front suspension, known for giving the F-Series that "work like a truck but ride like a car" feel, is complemented with new wider and longer rear leaf springs to improve ride quality at all speeds. A brand-new engine choice is also offered. The available (F-250 and F-350) 460 cubic-inch V8 was designed to effortlessly pull heavy campers and trailers. New for 1973, Ford F-Series 4WD models offered Ford's SelectShift fully automatic shifting from two to four-wheel drive and low to high gear ranges. A manual transfer case shifter with manually locking/unlocking hubs was also available on all 4WD models.

1973 F-Series Model Lineup

From the entry-level Custom to the mid-level Ranger and the top-tier Ranger XLT, 1973 Ford F-Series pickups were as rugged as they were good looking. These innovative new trucks were available in ranges that varied from the F-100 (4,500 - 5,500 lb. GVW), to the F-250 (6,200 - 8,100 lb. GVW) and the F-350 (6,600 - 10,000 lb. GVW). They were also offered in wheelbases that varied between 117-inches (F-100 with 6.75-foot  bed) to 161-inches (F-350 with a platform stake body).

All F-100 and F-250 models were available in Flareside, Styleside, or as a chassis cab. The F-350 was available as a Flareside, Super Camper Special, as a platform stake body, or a chassis cab (single or dual rear wheels). All models were available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive.  

73 F100 Interior

1973 F-Series Engines / Powertrains

Engine Availability Horsepower
240 cid I6
300 cid I6
Std. F-250, F-350, Opt. F-100
302 cid V8
360 cid V8
Std. F-350 Styleside & SCS, Opt. all others
390 cid V8
460 cid V8 (4bbl)
F-250, F-350

1973 Ford F-150 Standard Features & Available Options

Green 73 Ford F-100

Custom trim level standard features include:

Options on Ranger trim level:

Options for Ranger XLT trim level include:

1973 Ford F-100 F-250 F-350 Paint Color Choices

Available exterior paint color choices for 1973 include:

Different two-tones are obtained by using all the standard colors except for Chrome Yellow and Pure White. Wimbleton White may be used as the accent color for any other color code.

The introduction of the all-new 1973 Ford F-Series pickup marked the beginning of more than forty-years of Ford domination in the truck segment. This truck was so durable, powerful, and stylish that consumers fell in love with it. The love affair continues today as Ford trucks continue to outsell the competition in virtually every pickup truck segment.

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