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1963 Ford F100 Pickups Specs

More minor styling changes come for 1963 as Ford designers seemed unable to leave the F-Series grille alone for more than a single model year.

1963 Ford F-100
1963 F-100 Red

There was also very strong competition from Chevrolet at the time, which had introduced the C/K series in 1960 and had front-end styling that was curiously similar to the F-Series, both in design and the frequency for which it was changing. Still, F-Series trucks were selling well, this despite the van-based E-Series and Ranchero models that shared the lighter-duty end of Ford's truck lineup.

The Cuban Missile Crisis from 1962 had left the world facing a daunting Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, and American truck buyers dealt with the nuclear threat in the only manner they could - by continuing to live the American way of life. That meant freedom, and F-Series trucks were quickly becoming the embodiment of that sentiment with their ability to go just about anywhere and carry just about anything.

1963 F-100 Video

Here is a nice '63 F-100 in excellent condition. We are not affiliated with the producer of the video:

What's New For 1963

This time it doesn't even take a keen eye to notice the change in grille design from the previous year. The new grille sported a blocked/slotted design of four vertical rows, with each row containing four rectangular trim sections. It was all accented with amber turn signal lenses, which made their first F-Series appearance for this year.

Inside, a new gray woven seat and brighter trim in the instrument cluster gave the interior a bit more flair, while a new two-tone exterior paint design that limited the two-tone to essentially just the roof took away some of the F-Series snazzy style. A revised manual gearbox with synchros for the lower gears allowed for less grinding during shifting, and though the two-tone exterior treatment lost some visual punch, a few new color options kept things interesting.

1963 Ford F-Series Interior
1963 Ford F100 Interior

From the 1963 Ford F-100 dealer sales brochure:

Ford Comfort-Conditioned Cabs For 1963:

Slip into the cab of a '63 Ford F-100 and discover for yourself the solid comfort everywhere. No knee-knocking "dogleg" in the door opening to get in your way; doors open wide, too; and a handy inboard step eases entry and exit. New polyurethane foam seat cushion padding (1 1/2 inches thick in standard cabs, 5 inches thick optional) gives you less seat bounce, less seat sag, more comfort.

Polyurethane is softer than foam rubber and distributes support more evenly. Ford cabs provide plenty of stretch-out length and width for three. In addition, insulating materials under the floor and on the fire wall, door panels, and rear cab wall provide a quieter cab ... keep cabs cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All this is yours in a Ford F-100.

New 3-Speed Synchro-Silent Transmission: Brand-new for '63 and only Ford has it! For the first time, low gear is fully synchronized along with second and high. Now you can downshift into low without clashing gears while still moving forward.

1963 F-Series Models - Custom Cab / Unibody

F-Series models for 1963 included the F-100, F-250, and F-350, with four-wheel drive available on the F-100 and F-250. This would be the final year for Ford's integrated Styleside bed/cab design, which continued to be standard for all two-wheel drive Styleside trucks.

Rear View '63 F-100 in Red
63 F100 Rear

Two-piece Styleside bed/cab trucks were optional, as were the Flareside beds, all of which could be had in 6.5 or 8-foot length. Standard and Custom were the two trim levels available, with Custom trucks offering enhanced trim and additional options.

Note: Ford ceased production of the Unibody pickup part-way through 1963.

Engines / Powertrains

The 223 cubic-inch I-6 and 292 cubic-inch V-8 engines remained the only two power choices throughout the F-Series lineup. The revised three-speed manual was the standard transmission, with heavy-duty three or four-speed manuals and the Cruise-O-Matic automatic all optional.

Engine Availability Gross Horsepower / Torque
223 cid I6
F-100, F-250, F-350
135 hp @ 4,000 rpm / 200 lb-ft @ 1,800-2,400 rpm
292 cid V8
F-100, F-250, F-350
160 hp @ 4,000 rpm / 270 lb-ft @ 1,800-2,000 rpm

Here's what the 1963 Ford F-100 Series brochure had to say about the two engine options:

Proven Gas-Saving 223 Six

Economical Short Stroke V-8 Power

Standard Features & Available Options

Major standard features include:

Major options/packages include:

Available exterior paint color choices for 1963 include:

1963 Ford F-Series Resources

All photos of a red & white F-100 shown on this page are used with permission from fishladysue.