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1961 Ford F-100 Unibody

Though barely a decade old, 1961 marked the beginning of the fourth significant redesign for the F-Series, not to mention the debut of a new compact "utility" line called the Econoline, which basically took Ford's new cab-over van and cut the roof off behind the two front seats to create a cargo bed.

Custom 1961 F-100 Flareside in Red
1961 F-100 Red

Of course, Ford already had a small, car-based cargo hauler in the Ranchero, which debuted on the small Falcon platform the previous year.

Despite these two pickup truck alternatives, Ford F-Series evolution began to clearly trend more towards that of an every-day vehicle instead of just a work machine. The new F-Series design became streamlined and more conservative compared to the flamboyant 1950s.

More comfort/aesthetic-based options would become available, leading to the appearance of an iconic Ford truck nameplate and a long-standing F-Series front suspension design before the fourth-generation trucks would retire in 1966.

Photo used with permission from cruisin48

What's New For 1961

The big new for 1961 was Ford's decision to create a "unibody" design for all Styleside, two-wheel drive F-Series trucks where the cab and bed were all one piece. This contributed to straighter, cleaner lines and increased cargo capacity for the fourth-generation F-Series, but it was a design that proved unpopular enough to only last a few years.

Quad headlamps were replaced with a single lamp on each front corner. In keeping with the sleeker styling, the vertical windshield was given a slight rake rearward. Revisions to the frame and suspension made the 1961 F-Series a touch stiffer, while revised steering and a mechanical clutch made the trucks a bit easier to drive.

1961 F-100 Unibody (Black)
61 F100 Unibody
Photo used with permission from ClassicCarLiquidators

1961 Ford F-100 Video

Here is a video of a beautiful red 1961 Unibody F-100. We are not affiliated with the producer of this video:

1961 F-Series Model Lineup

F-Series models for 1961 included the F-100, F-250, and F-350, with four-wheel drive available on the F-100 and F-250.

All Styleside trucks with two-wheel drive used the new one-piece bed/cab design; four-wheel drive models and Flareside beds remained two-piece units. Standard and Custom were the two trim levels available, with Custom trucks offering trim upgrades and additional options.

61 F-100 Custom Interior Red & Black
Green 61 F100
Photo used with permission from cruisin48

Engines / Powertrains

The two familiar engines from the previous-generation F-Series trucks continued to serve the redesigned 1961 models. The 233 cubic-inch I-6 remained standard across all lines, with the 292 cubic-inch V-8 being an optional upgrade.

Engine Availability Gross Horsepower / Torque
233 cid I6
F-100, F-250, F-350
135 / 200
292 cid V8
F-100, F-250, F-350
160 / 270

Black '61 F-100 Unibody
Black 61 F100 Unibody
Photo used with permission from ClassicCarLiquidators

1961 F-100 Standard Features & Available Options

Major standard features include:

Major options/packages include:

Available exterior paint color choices for 1961 include:

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