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1960 Ford F100 Trucks Specs

The 1960 model year included a few changes over 1959 trucks. This was the last model year in this generation of Ford F-Series trucks, however 1960 was the year that Ford introduced the compact Falcon Ranchero, previous Rancheros were big and body-on-frame construction.

1960 Ford F-100 Custom Cab in Corinthian White & Turquoise Green
1960 Ford F100

The F O R D lettering on the hood was changed again for 1960, as was the grille.

The grille extended down to the bumper and had a thicker bar between the headlights. The hood emblem was also changed.

1960 Ford Pickups Video

Here is an informative video by YouTube user RielsOnlineAuctions which gives some good info on these trucks. The truck isn't pretty but the man doing the video knows his stuff:

1960 Ford F-100 Dash Interior
60 F-100 Dash

F-Series truck in '60 were available with the "old style" Flareside bed or the straight side Styleside bed. 4x4 or 4-wheel-drive was available as a factory option.

Engines available in the 1960 trucks include the 223 cid I-6 that made 139 horsepower @ 4,200 rpm, and the 292 cid Y block V-8 that produced 172 horsepower @ 4,000 rpm.

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure

Here are a few excerpts from an original 1960 Ford brochure that I own:

F-100 - America's value-packed half-ton Series. New heavier frame for 100" wheelbase units has 23.6% greater torsional rigidity. Improved brakes have 13% longer lining life and greater stability!

F-250 - The cost-cutting three-quarter tonner that hauls more cargo for less. Payload and body allowance up to 4000 lb. Locking-type differential available for maximum traction.

F-350 - Heavy Duty one-tonner is especially suited for custom-built bodies from 7 1/2- to 9-feet in length. Available with single or dual rear tires.

4-Wheel Drive - Ford 4x4's are available as 1/2- and 3/4-ton pickups and chassis-cabs plus a 3/4-ton stake. They're factory-engineered for extra stamina, and all Ford-built with your choice of economical Short Stroke power - Six or V-8.

There's new versatility too, with two power take-off points on transfer case to drive winches or other equipment. You shift smoothly between 2- and 4-wheel direct drives while moving.

1960 Ford Truck Commercial Colors

1960 F-100 Rear
Rear 60 F100

All photos of a turquoise and white F-100 shown on this page are used with permission from thejohnstons2000

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