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1958 Ford Trucks

The 1958 Ford Trucks had very few changes over the previous 1957 Ford Trucks. 1958 marked the 10th anniversary of Ford F-Series trucks.

1958 Ford F100

Most noticeable among the changes were the new "eggcrate" grille and quad headlights. All of Ford's cars & trucks had the 4- headlight setup for 1958, the grille on lower models was painted Colonial White, the upgraded grille was bright (chrome).

There was also a new line of heavier-duty model trucks called Super Duty, which came equipped with new V8 engines up to 534 cid. The interior knobs were changed from black to white.

1958 Ford F-100 Video

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New color choices for '58 included new shades of grey, green, and blue, in addition to the return of Goldenrod Yellow.

58 F-100 Interior

There was a mid-year change for the V8 engine. The 272 cid engine that made 181 horsepower was replaced by a 292 cid V8 engine that produced 186 horsepower.

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