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1956 Ford F-100

The 1956 model year brought few changes over the 1955 Ford trucks.

1956 Ford F-100

Changes for 1956 Ford Trucks include:

1956 Ford F-100 Video

Here is an example of a beautifully restored 1956 Ford F-100. We are not affiliated with the producers of this video:

1956 Ford F100 Pickups Production Numbers

There were 137,581 pickups produced for 1956, 14,023 panel trucks, and 6,200 big window trucks.

56 Ford F100 White

Chip Foose 1956 F-100

Chip Foose is a world renowned custom vehicle builder who builds some of the most amazing creations. One of Chip's personal vehicles is a 56 F-100, check it out here. Here is a direct quote from his F100 information page:

Chip Foose's personal 1956 Ford F-100 is more than a truck, it's a member of the family. Originally his father Sam's shop truck, Chip bought the vehicle at the age of 13. He spent the next 3 years rebuilding and restyling the pickup, settling on a root beer brown paint color. It became his daily driver throughout high school and his early college years.

1956 Ford Truck Paint Colors

Available paint colors in 1956 include:

1956 Ford F100 Interior

All photos shown on this page are used with permission by Classic Car Liquidators.

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