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1954 Ford F-Series Trucks

The 1954 model year brought a number of changes over the 1953 Ford trucks. The most obvious at first glance is the new grille with a pair of vertical guards. V8-powered trucks got a badge on the grille indicating the new engine.

1954 Ford F-100 Truck
1954 Ford Truck F100 Black

For 1954, Ford replaced the old flathead V8 with the overhead valve "Power King" V8 engine which had been in the car lineup for two years.

The OHV V8 engine had the same displacement of 239 cubic inches, but power was bumped from 110 previously up to 130 horsepower. This engine was referred to as the "Y-Block" engine

1954 Ford F-100 Video

Check out this restored '54 F-100:

There were also changes for the "Mileage Maker" inline 6 cylinder engine. The bore was increased and so was the displacement. It was now a 223 cubic inches and produced 115 horsepower (up from 101 on the previous 215 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine).

1954 Ford F-100 Black (Rear View)
1954 F-100 Black Rear

The "Ford-O-Matic" automatic transmission became available in the F-250 and F-350 models (when introduced in 1953, it was only available in the F-100). Also for 1954, a "Driverized Cab" option provided such luxuries as armrests, a dome light, a cigar lighter and sun visors.

1954 Ford Truck Photos

54 F100 Dash
54 F100 Dash

1954 F-100 Black
54 F100 Side

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1954 Ford F-Series Paint Colors

Available paint colors for 1954 are:

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