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1950 Ford F-Series Pickup Trucks

Ford sold over 234,000 1950 Ford trucks. The 1950 Ford F-Series trucks are very similar to the 1948 & 1949 Ford trucks.

1950 Ford F-1 Black

Models include the F-1 half ton, the F-2 three quarter ton, and the F-3, the heavy duty truck.

Engines available include:

The biggest difference between the 1949 and 1950 Ford trucks was that the shift lever was moved from the floor to the steering column on the three speed standard.

1950 Ford F1 Interior

Restored '50 F-1 Video

Here is a video we found showing a beautifully restored 1950 F-1. We didn't produce the video but we wish we had a chance to check out this great truck ourselves!


It might sound strange today, but back in 1950, a right side tail light was an option. As was an electric shaver, and:

1950 Ford F-Series Paint Colors

1950 Ford F1

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