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2016 Ford F-150

Summary: new Pro Trailer Backup Assist, new special edition appearance package, SYNC3 replaces MyFordTouch, two color changes, new Special Service Vehicle package.

2016 F-150 Lariat Special Edition in Lithium Gray

2016 F-150

The 2015 F-150 was of course completely redesigned. So, for 2016, Ford only needed to make small changes. Trim levels carry over from last year - XL, XLT, Lariat, Platinum, and King Ranch.

Let's cover a few of the minor changes then move on to the new appearance package. So first off, there are two exterior paint color changes: Lithium Gray replaces Guard Metallic, and Shadow Black replaces Tuxedo Black. The truck in the photo above is wearing the color Lithium Gray.

Second, the infotainment system is new. The replacement for SYNC with MyFordTouch is called SYNC3. It is being rolled out to all Ford vehicles throughout the 2016 model year. It brings a number of interface and stability improvements. It will respond faster, improve apps and search. It has a media ribbon on the bottom which is a dock of icons (Audio, Climate, Phone, Nav, Apps, Settings).

There are no powertrain changes over the 2015 model year. We do expect to see a new transmission with more gears by 2017/2018 to yield better fuel economy.

Other minor changes include a CNG compressed natural gas prep option for the 5.0L V8 engine and 20" aluminum wheels with painted silver pockets are available on XL trim level.

2016 F-150 Production Dates

Notable scheduled dates pertaining to the 2016 F150 are:

New Pro Trailer Backup Assist Feature

The new Pro Trailer Backup Assist, this quote describes the system well:

Pro Trailer Backup Assist helps take the frustration out of backing up. It works by letting the customer steer the trailer with a control knob while the truck steers its wheels and limits vehicle speed. To operate Pro Trailer Backup Assist, the customer rotates a knob to indicate how much the system should turn the trailer. The technology automatically steers the truck to turn the trailer the desired amount. The system may limit vehicle speed to enhance occupant comfort over various road surfaces.

2016 F-150 Special Edition Appearance Package

New for 2016 (and we suspect this may be a one-year only thing) is the Special Edition Appearance Package.

Rear view 2016 F150 Special Edition

This package is available on XLT and Lariat trim levels. It includes:

2016 F150 Interior Special Red Accents

16 F150 Wheel Special 20 inch


We do not have a copy of the 2016 F150 order guide. If you would like to see the order guide, ask your local Ford dealer for details.

2016 F-150 Special Service Vehicle (Police) Package

In April 2016, Ford introduced a new Special Service Vehicle package for the F-150 lineup. Although it's called SSV we most often think of these vehicles as police vehicles. Ford has other "police" vehicles like the Interceptor Sedan based on the Taurus and Interceptor Utility based off the Explorer.

Police F-150

Police agencies have been using the F-150 for policing duties because we've seen them on the roads locally for over 6 years. Now, Ford has realized that market and offers a special package just for special service duties such as government agencies and fleets.

Front view 2016 F-150 Police

The F-150 SSV special service vehicle package is based off the XL trim level and offers the following features:

Here are some additional photos of the new Special Service Package F-150:

Special Service Vehicle 2016 F150

K9 Police Dog in F150 2016

Truck Box Bed of Police 2017 F-150

2017 F-150 Raptor

If you are a fan of the Raptor or the new Special Edition package, you're going to like the 2017 F-150 Raptor.

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