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2010 Ford F150 Super Duty Trucks

2010 Ford Raptor F150 SVTSummary: New F-150 SVT Raptor, bigger changes coming for 2011 though.

2010 Ford F150

What's new for 2010? Well, the F-150 Raptor edition is new! Other updates for the 2010 F150 include an upgraded brake system, electric cooling fans, and MyKey. There's talks of a diesel F150 but Ford is not saying much about that yet.

Ford has also confirmed that we will see an EcoBoost engine in the 2010 2011 F150 which will be available for order in the second half of 2010. Details are forthcoming but we expect it to be the 3.5L or 3.7L V6 engine used in other Ford products. For those of you not familiar with EcoBoost, that is a Ford engine with a turbocharger and uses direct fuel injection. It gives you the power of a V8 engine but with V6 fuel economy.

Extra details on what's new for the 2010 F-150:

2010 Ford Ranger

2010 Ford RangerThe 2010 Ford Ranger continues to serve customers well. The Ranger has a long reputation of being fun to drive, with multiple usefulness. It is one of Ford trucks that has a excellent reputation for of being dependable and rugged. The biggest news for 2010 is that roll stability control (RSC) and side seat air bags are now standard equipment.

What's new on the 2010 Ford Ranger?

Ford has not announced anything yet regarding the 2011 or 2012 Ranger. Rumor has it is that the Ranger will be reincarnated as a unibody truck (think: Honda Ridgeline) and will be called the F-100.